Resources for well-being

UNSW resources

ARC Student life at UNSW - start a club, join a club, the campus is yours:

The Nucleus - starting at UNSW:

UNSW Equity and diversity initiatives:

UNSW Mindhub - mental health resources :

UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS):

UNSW International research scholarships:

General well-being resources

STEM training: where will it get you?

STEM careers guide Australia

A glimpse of the future:

An appeal to young people:

Some jobs:

Know your values and be honest with yourself:

UNSW Chemistry Alumni:

The NYTimes 7-minute workout app - because 7 minutes is better than nothing

Desk exercises from insurance companies (because they don't want you to get hurt)

Healthy, fast recipes - because nourishing oneself is key, and produce in Australia is great

Mental health resources - it's important and you're important

Socialise and explore - you deserve to enjoy life

Find like-minded people:

Find stuff to do:

Find more stuff to do:

Explore Sydney (especially on Sundays):

Ask Anna for more ideas