Higher Degree Research students

Siddharth Rawat

Siddharth's PhD is exploring the potential of machine learning and digital holographic microscopy for microrheology and more.

Daniel Loo

Daniel's Masters project involves investigating the role of asymmetric in primitive cell motility.

Lauren Lowe

Lauren's PhD project involves regulating the nutrient flow of model primitive cells and artificial cells.

Research Assistants

Yaam Deckel

Yaam is working on proton transport across lipid membranes.

Jonathan Wendoloski

Jono is working on using machine learning to mitigate noise in holograms.

Storm Drury

Storm is working on 3D printing a portable holographic microscope.

Group leader

Dr Anna Wang
Scientia Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow

2016 PhD in Applied Physics, Harvard University (biography here)

Anna and collaborators A/Prof Benjamin Rogers and Dr Yutetsu Kuruma got a grant for their project to make a growing artificial cell!


Omar Khamis

Omar was an undergraduate researcher and research assistant who worked on light-scattering assays for vesicle permeability in 2019-2020. As of 2020 he is now working at Saudi Aramco.

Jenane Konesan

Jena graduated first class with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry (Hons). Jena was exploring the potential of fatty acids for enhanced transdermal drug delivery.

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