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Science goodies

UNSW's HDR Extend: Everything from how to get started, to what to do after you finish

Soft Matter

Soft Bites, an easy-to-digest soft matter blog:

What is soft matter?


A Primer:

NASA's Astrobiology page:

The Australian Centre for Astrobiology:

Origins of Life

Good intro website:

Exploration of a terrestrial origins of life:

Overview of protocells research:

The role of compartments:

HoloPy - a Python package for holography and light scattering

Science-related goodies

LaTeX: easy, beautiful typesetting for dissertations and papers

Learn to code: make your life easier by automating things

A good place to start:

A compact Python distribution:

A recommended full Python distribution:

Jupyter Notebooks online with Google's Colab:

UNSW courses to help you learn:

UNSW Hacky Hour - drinks and tech help all at once:

UNSW research tech resources:

Drawing figures and image processing

FIJI/ImageJ - free and powerful image processing:

Affinity Designer - worth the $, and way less $$ than comparable products

Inkscape - imperfect but free design software for illustration, design, and figures:

Zotero (reference manager): manage, share, and export with ease

Microscopy resources

GitHub: version control your work and manage collaborative projects with ease:

Communication: it's important

UNSW's style guide:

Public outreach:

How to tell a story:

Paper preparation checklist:

How to write a paper (long):

How to write a paper (short):

How to write a cover letter:

Be wary of impact factors: and

Reverse outlining to check for clarity, and to generate a template from well-written documents you like:

Supervision and related communication:

Literature review: and